Erectile dysfunction in patients with Diabetes Mellitus

Erectile dysfunction is a medical condition that can be treated, many occur in men, and there are still many sufferers are reluctant to go to the doctor. Erectile dysfunction is a medical term in conjunction with erection problems which is defined as the inability to have an erection and maintain it so strong enough for sexual intercourse to achieve orgasm and visit  rockhardprotocolreviews


Age is one cause of erectile dysfunction. Approximately one third of men age 40 experience erectile dysfunction problems to different degrees and with increasing age of cases also increased. Diseases that often cause erectile dysfunction include diabetes mellitus, obesity, heart disease and blood vessels (hypertension and coronary heart disease). Erectile dysfunction can also be caused by psychological conditions that are not normal (anxiety, stress and depression), factor lifestyle (lack of physical activity, drink alcohol and smoke is excessive. Therefore perform early diagnosis of erectile dysfunction is very important to locate and define essentially a disease that can be treated immediately.

Diabetes Mellitus and Erectile Dysfunction

Men who suffer from diabetes mellitus have a higher risk of erectile dysfunction compared to those without diabetes mellitus. More than 50% of people with diabetes will experience erectile dysfunction within 10 years after the first known to suffer from diabetes mellitus. This is due to the increase in blood sugar can cause damage to peripheral nervous and vascular flow to the penis. Besides diabetes mellitus is also associated with the condition of obesity, high blood pressure and high cholesterol so that further aggravate erection dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction happens at a young age and diabetes mellitus tend to be more severe.

Aside from erectile dysfunction, diabetes mellitus patients also experienced retrograde ejaculation, when the ejaculation of sperm are usually sprayed out but in this patient nyemprotnya into the bladder. Conditions such as these that cause young couples experience fertility problems. The younger suffering from diabetes mellitus higher risk of suffering from erectile dysfunction.

When diabetes is well controlled mellitusnya then it will also improve the quality of erection.

Some things that can be done by people with diabetes mellitus are:
Understand about his diabetes and attention to regular treatment.
Always monitor their blood sugar levels and do something immediately if abnormalities are found.
Eating daily meals normally.
Always see a doctor regularly.

Rockstar release GTA V Official First Artwork

Since it was introduced via a trailer, most of the gamers would look forward to seeing the latest series of massive franchise-owned Rockstar – Grand Theft Auto V. Not just a visualization charming, many gamers are wondering how Rockstar would ensure the game is able to be different from the gameplay. Open-world would still be the main foundation of the criminal world with a story that was certainly interesting. Unfortunately, starting from initial introduction, Rockstar hardly provide extra information that can explicitly provide an overview for gamers, only introduced through a few screenshots and a trailer that does not touch at all aspects of gameplay. This trend is likely to continue with the release of the first official artwork for GTA V.


This artwork shows two gas masks that were preparing to attack a place. With a blue van, you can also see the logo of “Anna Rex”, one of the retail clothing fiction that had appeared in GTA IV. You could listen to the GTA V debut trailer certainly more familiar with their scenes of this one. He represents almost all the “fun” you can anticipate for a new series that bears the name GTA in it and get dokkan battle cheats android
“Tempting” through screenshots and artwork, sure many gamers are wondering when Rockstar will show gameplay of GTA V. Rockstar promises more information in November.

Rockstar promises to provide much more information on the month of November, including side shows the gameplay is still a mystery to this day. If you are a gamer who are curious about him, there’s nothing you can do but count the weeks until Rockstar finally introduce this one aspect to the world. For the meanwhile, you have time to continue staring at every screenshot and artwork and build your own imagination. We trust you, Rockstar! Deliver the most awesome GTA to us!

GTA V Release Date Leaked?

After being introduced through a variety of trailers and screenshots, slowly but surely a variety of information related to the ambitious project Rockstar – Grand Theft Auto V rolled from a variety of directions. The lack of information shared by the Rockstar really had sparked a variety of rumors were rife in cyberspace, but not a few who did come up with credible evidence. Rockstar itself had already been informed that the last two months of 2012 will be the moment for GTA V himself. A variety of the latest updates, including the gameplay will be introduced widely to the world. But it never hurts to take a peek one of the most crucial information that is of course anticipated by these gamers and visit nba live mobile cheat.


Through the leaking of advertising posters that have been distributed Rockstar to several major game retailers, crucial information about the release date of GTA V obtained. The poster contains some typical Rockstar artwork is apparently intended to open the pre-order period, seen from the existing text. It is written “Spring 2013” as the release date for GTA V. What is more surprising? This poster contains only the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 as a platform that will be carried, without carrying the PC altogether. Does this mean GTA V PC version will be released after the console version?
This is the poster that reportedly contains the official release date of Grand Theft Auto V ..

Although it looks “valid”, but Rockstar itself has not given any official comment related to the leaking of the posters on this one. Therefore, it is still possible that this poster is just a hoax, or is derived from the initial release of Rockstar that may have been altered. But if it is true will be released in spring 2013? It will be one of the best gaming moments for gamers in the next year.

Bioshock Infinite Release Date Set

Where gamers are not concerned with the process of the development of BioShock Infinite. One FPS praise and positive criticism diverse since the beginning of the development process is indeed encountered a variety of problems. The result? A game that was originally planned to be released at the end of this year had to be delayed. There is some speculation that accompanies this delay, of a strategy to avoid competition FPS competitors from other publishers, until the release of some of the core developers at Irrational Games itself. Fortunately, Irrational remains committed to completing the game as soon as possible, of course with the best quality. After waiting long enough, Bioshock Infinite release date was finally set!


In the latest trailer launch, Irrational Games showed so many new things that had never before shown to the public. Together with the main character is the core of the story – Elizabeth, you will be faced with epic battles and exciting Columbia. There are more enemies with designs that you find interesting. Your main character – Booker DeWitt also come with a variety of weapons and powers are mesmerizing. An FPS game series that would be a pity if passed. Bioshock Infinite will be released on 26 February 2013. You gotta watch the trailer, it delivers an orgasm for your gamer instinct and get dragon ball z dokkan battle zeni gratuit !

PC specifications for Medal of Honor: Warfighter

As in previous years, the last quarter before the end of the year has always been the most enjoyable time for gamers. Ahead of the long holiday period for most regions of the world, not least as a publisher is making the most appropriate moment to release their flagship games. Included is a mainstay of the military FPS games Electronic Arts and Danger Close in the year 2012 – Medal of Honor: Warfighter. Game sequel to this one is used as a “weapon” to fight the hegemony of Activision, who again tried to dominate the gaming industry with Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. A proving ground living calculate week and visit clash of clans cheat android.


Danger Close is presenting a variety of new features to make the Medal of Honor to perform better in this new series. Using the engine’s flagship property of DICE – Frostbite Engine 2.0 has been enhanced, Warfighter will not only offer an epic experience in the side of the story, but also a dramatic visuals feast for the eyes. Another attraction? Of course, the certainty to gain early access to EA’s ambitious project is scheduled to be released next year – Battlefield 4. Of all platforms, PC of course be the best device for enjoying MOH: Warfighter in the maximum level. Specifications such as what is needed?
Ready your PC for the epic war!
MINIMUM System Requirements:

OS: Windows Vista
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4GHz / 2.7GHz Athlon X2
RAM: At least 2 GB
Disc Drive: CD / DVD ROM drive (required for installation only)
Hard Drive: At least 20GB of free space
Graphics card: NVidia 8800 GTS 512 MB VRAM or better / ATI Radeon 3870 512 MB VRAM
DirectX: DirectX 10.1 compatible
Graphics memory: 512 MB or better
Online Connection Requirements: 1 MB DSL KBPS or faster Internet Connection
Input: Keyboard and Mouse

RECOMMENDED System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7
CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad 3GHz / 3GHz AMD Phenom II X4
RAM: At least 4 GB
Disc Drive: CD / DVD ROM drive (required for installation only)
Hard Drive: At least 20GB of free space
Graphics card: NVidia GTX 560 1024 MB VRAM or better / ATI Radeon 6950 1024 MB VRAM
DirectX: DirectX 11 compatible
Graphics Memory: 1024 MB or better
Online Connection Requirements: 1 MB DSL KBPS or faster Internet Connection
Input: Keyboard and Mouse

What about your PC? It is ready to welcome Medal of Honor: Warfighter in the best quality?

Skyrim Now So Subjects at the University

Video games may be a medium of entertainment, but it does not make them “shallow”. To ensure the best quality available, not a few developers who have to perform a variety of research beforehand, and even consulted with experts in a particular field, before starting the game development process. It took a complex process that requires a lot of “head” before a video game arrives in the hands of gamers. Therefore, no exaggeration if it becomes an interesting subject to study. As happened with the best action RPG game that stole the lives of many gamers – Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Believe it or not, the game became a course at a university in the United States and visit dragon ball z dokkan battle astuce.


Rice University in Houston, United States makes Skyrim as their latest subject, even if only for one semester. Universities are completely unrelated to the art of game design or offering editorial subjects – Fantasy Worlds: Old Norse Nagas and Skyrim. So what is learned from this course? There are two main objectives: to learn fantasy into psychological concepts in gamer culture, and learn the story link Scandinavia and its influence on Anglo-American culture. They even studied the political side! During the study of this concept, students will be asked to play some different quests in Skyrim. There, they will identify a variety of moments that represents this theory. Registration has just opened with a limited number of classroom seats.
Imagine if this course is available for campuses you! Where gamers are not going to fall in love?

College, learn, while playing the Skyrim as the primary task? Is not that our dream as a gamer? If only university in Indonesia pay greater attention to video games, learn, and spawned a course-unique subjects like this. Everything will go into the classroom with smiling lips.

Bioware Open First Dragon Age III Details

From some Western-RPG game franchise new to achieve success in the game industry, the name Dragon Age certainly can not be denied, being one of them. The foundation’s latest Bioware appear charming in the first series and netted a powerful new fan base. Although both series – Dragon Age II could get criticism because of changes in the gameplay is too focused on the action, this does not preclude Bioware to create more new series for him. In the middle of the process of developing new series, Bioware finally share more relevant information about Dragon Age III: Inquisition.


After giving little information leaked about the plot and the use of the Frostbite Engine 2.0 as its main engine, Bioware finally share information tekait gameplay Dragon Age III. The return of the human race as a race in the main plot does not necessarily make this latest series is the same as both series. Dragon Age III promises customization broader and more complex than the first series – Dragon Age Origins, even with the opportunity to customize your followers. You will even be given the opportunity to set your own castle, though Bioware has not provided additional explanations related to this new feature. He will also present a much wider world. Cinematic designer – Jon Perry even suggested that one level in Dragon Age 3 will load a landscape that is much broader than all of the levels in Dragon Age 2 combined. Some stunning artwork related to this game was also released and visit clash of clans cheats.

Dragon Age III itself will be released in autumn 2013. As one of the fans of this franchise, we counted modest expectations. Hopefully, Bioware can accept criticism with gamers for Dragon Age II, and returns the root of this third series gameplay with pure action RPG gameplay in the style of Dragon Age Origins. A decision that will make Dragon Age III is much more interesting to be anticipated. Hope so ..

Microsoft Xbox 360 Sales to Exceed 70 Million Units

Microsoft is celebrating its Xbox 360 sales that have exceeded the amount of 70 million units around the world where the figure was the highest figure in the amount of sales of game consoles made by Microsoft. But after reaching the figure predicted, Xbox 360 sales will decline. Nowadays consumers themselves awaiting the presence of Xbox 720 that has been heralded existence since some time ago so that the console was launched by Microsoft, consumers will continue to purchase the latest products.


The announcement of the Xbox 360 sales are part of Microsoft’s announcement to report earnings in the first quarter of 2012. Microsoft has said that in the first quarter, the Xbox 360 ‘only’ sold over 1.7 million units, a decrease of 600 thousand units compared to the same period in last year. Although competition in the hardware market is quite tight, but still capable Xbox division posted revenue of $ 1.95 million, of which the results are only down 1% compared to the same time last year. One contributor to the revenue performance is likely due to the increasing number of Xbox Live subscribers 15% within 3 months so that today there are about 40 million users who connect to the online service and get Mobile strike cheats android online.

Many vendors are experiencing a decline in sales in this year’s game console, also lack an attractive gaming console that was launched recently. Fresh wind blows when Nintendo announced the Wii U will start selling before the Christmas and consumers can not wait for the presence of the latest portable game consoles. Most likely, and also by many reports, look at the situation Microsoft will soon launch its Xbox 720 in 2013.

Towards Borderlands iOS

Who would dare to deny the extraordinary popularity that carried by the phenomenal FPS game Activision – Call of Duty? Since the direction of modern warfare brought on by a series Modern Warfare, Call of Duty was transformed into a warehouse of money for the publisher of this one. Various innovations, particularly in the plot and dramatization cinematic feast for the eyes, COD has consistently won the hearts of gamers, annually. Not only successfully received several prestigious awards over the last few years, Call of Duty has always broke sales records in a tremendous value. Achievement like this is what makes many publishers competitors dither. But not for Ubisoft!


Achievement is always achieved by Call of Duty indeed often makes many publishers are afraid to release their flagship game in the adjacent time. Possibilities for less popular would be an effect on the sales side. Fortunately, this is not “disturb” the original plan Ubisoft. Publisher this one will release FPS game – their flagship open world – Far Cry 3 on 29 November, a few weeks of COD: Black Ops 2 is scheduled on 13 November. Fear not successful? Ubisoft brand manager – Henri Guay confident that Far Cry 3 will have its own market share. Differences in genre and gameplay mechanisms will ensure this. He even believes that not a few gamers would likely seek Far Cry 3 to a different FPS experience while completing COD: Black Ops 2 each of them. Released Far Cry 3 is considered to be in the right position and visit Hill climb racing cheats online.
While many publishers daunted by the popularity of COD, Ubisoft actually see it as an opportunity to “promote” Far Cry 3, which does offer gameplay mechanism and a different experience.

How about you? Imagine if you only have $ 70 to your November gaming budget, Which game would you prefer, Far Cry 3 or Call of Duty: Black Ops 2? Why?

Root: No Plans LAN Mode for League of Legends

Through a variety of promotional incentive that continues to be done by Riot Games, League of Legends position in the gaming industry is increasingly strong. MOBA this one even managed to grab the position of Starcraft as a competitive game most popular in South Korea. Various large-scale competition with lucrative cash prizes continue to boost the popularity of the game on this one, not even enough to compete with the same genre game – DOTA 2 is now also developed by Valve. But the attention of gamers at the League of Legends as strengthened over the past few weeks. How come? Rumors that Riot Games is developing a LAN Mode for him growing stronger and visit marvel contest of champions cheats android

If you are a gamer who hope this will happen, you seem to be disappointed. Vice President of Riot Games – Dustin Beck is not denied rumors that LAN mode is being prepared for the League of Legends. LAN mode but will only be used in a variety of official competition matches LOL to ensure a more seamless, to prevent problems caused by the Internet connection. Unfortunately, there are no plans to distribute this feature for users who play this game at home or nearby game center. Beck provide this clarification after crisscrossing the information that continues to spread in cyberspace.
LAN mode is being developed by Riot is intended only for the purposes of the tournament, not for home users and game center


So if you’re a fan of League of Legends with a slow Internet connection, you apparently will not have another option but to seek a more reliable internet provider rather than wait LAN Mode option, which Unfortunately, in order never materialized in the closer. Or you can always go back to the classic MOBA that allow LAN ..